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WP 2: Real time adjustment of generation and load balance

10/14/2010 - D2.1 Assumptions on accuracy of photovoltaic power to be considered at short term horizons

WP 3: Day ahead and intraday markets

10/14/2010 - D3.1 Assumptions on accuracy of wind power to be considered at short and long term horizons

WP 4: Overall simulations of candidate market designs

08/14/2012 - Presentation open workshop Berlin July 2012

WP 8: Dissemination

03/18/2013 - Final project report

12/14/2012 - SLIDES BRUSSELS DEC 11TH 2012

08/13/2012 - OPTIMATE Smart Grids Paris June 21st 2012

06/16/2010 - Presentation for ENTSO-E workshop in Brussels


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